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I first discovered the power of  sound when I attended a personal development retreat in Bali. Our day began and ended with a group meditation/sound bath performed by Miranda Munro & Karl Akkerman of Kyela Sound. I was immediately drawn to this amazing modality and couldn't wait to learn more!

Upon my return I enrolled into the Certificate Course for Chakra Therapy at The Australian College of Sound Therapy. Not only did I love this course, but to my astonishment I discovered I had an affinity for this modality. My previous career was as an accountant in a public practice - I never dreamed I was capable of pursuing a career in the holistic/ spiritual realm, let alone be successful in it.

2018 was a remarkable year for me. The personal growth & expansion that I have experienced has just been phenomenal. There have also been some very hard times - especially emotionally, as we supported my mother-in-law through her battle with cancer. The battle was ultimately lost. This was quickly followed by the unexpected loss of my Dad - he went for his usual bike ride and didn't make it home. He was found deceased not far from his home on my Son's 11th Birthday The final straw was early 2019 when I lost my riding horse and equine soul mate under horrific circumstances.


I believe that having sound in our lives has made it easier for myself and my family to cope with all the trials & tribulations that life has recently thrown at us. Sound has enabled us all to grow & be the best we can under any given circumstances and has strengthened us a family unit.

I am currently working on writing a program that incorporates my three loves - sound, equines & art. There will be a specific focus on children and youth.

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My Sound Journey


Horses have amazing energy and are wonderful healers. They remind us to live in the present moment and reflect back to us our own state of being. This makes them amazing teachers.


Creating art for the sake of it is therapeutic in itself. It can help express things which we are unable to put into words. Art with all its different forms also offers many learning opportunities from physical to spiritual and developmental. We all have an innate creativity which has been buried in our modern technological world. Its not about the end result but the journey!

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