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Formulated to create feelings of "Joi de Vivre" a love  and joy of life. Contains Amethyst gem essence for balancing the emotions.


Combined with Bachflower Essence Mustard to dispel gloom and promote felings of being happy & light. With essential oils of lavender, orange & peppermint. Hero Sound E + D Himalyan Singing Bowl

Sonic Hado Wellness Mist -Joy

    • Mist directly onto the body, clothes, hair, pillow, toys, etc.
    • Mist in the in front of you and then walk through the mist
    • Say the affirmation on the bottle (out loud or silently) ensuring that you “feel” the words. Alternatively you can choose an affirmation of your own.
    • Safe to use for children and animals
    • Use whenever needed – there is no risk of “over-dose”
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